Little Actors Theatre Company’s Youth Theatre



An original comedy/drama devised by the players

Directed by Holly Hall

Setting: The town of ‘Wastershire’

Set in the fictional town of Wastershire, this dramedy explores family and friendships strained by technology in the year 2050. The town’s Mayor and residents face difficult situations regarding the town’s future juxtaposed with flashbacks to David Attenborough’s warnings for the future in 2018.

Nathan   Cameron Marshall
Sally/Zoe   Jasmine Jatkowska
James   Miles Finkernagel
Taylor/Dorris   Molly Gibson
Allan Farrage   Oscar Serpell-Bell
David Attenborough   Luke Wright
Brendan/Horace   Madeleine Marshall
Mayor   Finn Barry
Bella   Annabelle Sturdy
Amelia   Chloe Wright
Producer   Samantha Giblin
Technical crew   Suzanne Wright
Chaperone   Leila Crerar