Wadham Players


Will Shakespeare Save Us?

by Paul Nimmo

Directed by Michael Michael

Setting: In the King's palace

A comedy

The King   Chris Millington
The Lord Chamberlain   Ron Atkinson
The Director, Quince   Elaine Elliott
Player, Henry V chorus, Thisbe   Rose Floyd
Player, Mark Antony, Laertes   Andy B
Player, Romeo, Hamlet   Mark Simons
Player, Juliet, Osric   Emalouise Bewsey
Player, Pyramus, Claudius   Simon Billig
Player, Wall, Horatio   Tom Roberts
Player, Lion, Doctor   Colin Bootle
Player, Moonshine   Denise Kaye
Player, Gentlewoman,   Ellie Roberts
Player, Lady Macbeth   Alison Roberts
Sound and lighting   David Mason