Magik Road


The Golden Carpet

Directed by Michael Michael & Valerie Landgraf

Setting: (1) A village in Armenia (2) The Prince's palace (3) The Magician's cave

An original play adapted from an Armenian Folk Tale

Ani the Shepherd's daughter   Sian Williams
Prince Aram   Gerald Cornwall
The Shepherd   John Wells
The Shepherd's Wife   Clare Montgomery
Magician   Sharon Temperly
Friend 1   Craig Lewis-Azayear
Friend 2   David Rawles
Carpet Maker   Ravinnia Calender
Potter   Jerome Batchelor
Jewellery Maker   Claire Wiltshire
Carpenter   Stewart Downer
Flower Seller   Jennifer Herman
Narrator   Valerie Landgraf
Villager   William Ampensah
Villager   Chide Dijeh
Villager   Mary Kyei-Barimah