Limitless Academy of Performing Arts


Brook for Nothing

An original comedy by Paul Adam Levy

Directed by Peter Heppelthwaite

Setting: Split setting between a bedsit kitchen, flat and a virtual game lobby

Half set in the virtual chat-lobby of his favourite game and the flat, Brook's two older flat-mates try to get him to take responsibility for himself.

Brook   Will Muir
Alex   Olivia Houghton
Paladin   Jay Thomas
Tanya   Amber Lewis
Kris   Mollie Mincher
Scorpion   Roisin Oshea
Faginator   Kyle Goold
Toni Pony   Kyron Lewis
Assistant Director   Victoria Okell
Sound & lighting/technician/stage manager   Archie Paddick
Stage Crew   Theo Brignall