Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre

Entering the 2020 Festival


Once again the venue will be: The Forest Community Centre, Guildford Road, Walthamstow, E17 4EA.

This is the small venue where we have held the festival for the last three years.

The stage is approximately 7 metres wide and 5 metres deep with front curtains.

There is very limited wing space so sets for plays not in performance have to be stored in a room at the side of the hall and may have to be set and struck in front of the audience during the interval. Please be as accurate as possible in the technical form about the amount of scenery that you will be bringing so that we can arrange the appropriate space.

As there is only one dressing room, groups are allowed to use this for 15 minutes before their play but costumes may be stored in there all evening.

All-England Theatre Festival

The winner of the festival, whether a youth or adult entry, can opt to go on to represent Waltham Forest at further rounds of the All England Theatre Festival which will take place on 20th May at Oxted, Surrey, then on 13th June at Bridlington and the British final on 26th and 27th June at Rhyl.

If you are interested in opting to go forward to the next rounds, should you win the festival, please indicate this on your entry form and fill in the attached form from AETF and return it with your other forms. The fee for entering the All England festival is now £10.

The winner of the festival will also be eligible for selection to perform at the NDFA All Winners festival at the end of July.

Deadline for entries

All forms referred to below must be received by the Committee by Wednesday 22nd January 2020.  They can be sent by post or email (email is preferred as it makes it easier to copy information to the website and programme).  Entry fees must also be received by the same date.

If you wish to ask any questions or discuss your lighting or sound requirements before that you can contact Liz Wheatley (Technical Director) on 07740 368 302

You are responsible for obtaining permission to perform the play and for making sure that your scenery is fireproofed.

Festival Rules and other important documents

It is very important to read and fully understand the Festival Rules and the basis on which the Adjudication will be carried out.

Entry forms and other downloads

Click on the form titles to download entry forms.  All three forms must be completed fully (if entering more than one play, use separate forms for each).